Kids watching “Doraemon” whilst lying on Big C’s shiny floor

If you think Big C Supermarket is only for shopping and dining, then you are misinformed 🙂 Entertainment? Of course. Aside from Major Cineplex and the arcade center, there is also another place where you can actually relax… on the floor. 

My colleague at the university uploaded this photo on her Facebook account. Lying on the cold floor with legs crossed and oblivious of people passing was indeed awesome. Notice as well the one in stripes whose hands were behind his head. Can you top that?
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8 Replies to “Kids watching “Doraemon” whilst lying on Big C’s shiny floor”

  1. Awww. Cute kids. Let kids be kids. Ahh… to be a kid again. But I am thinking that if the parents are germophobes, they would freak out at this sight. 🙂 -katrina centeno

  2. This is one reason why it's nice to be kid; very innocent and carefree. They don't care of the floor is dirty and wouldn't give a damn about other people passing by as long as they get what they want and that is to watch Doraemon.

    I admit I do sometimes wish I was a kid again.

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