PinoyThaiyo: Thailand’s First Filipino Online Magazine

Good news, Khon Philippine! Let me share you something which I’m sure will benefit Filipinos living and working in Thailand.
A few weeks ago someone contacted me and asked me if I would like to be part of a team; a team of writers to be more specific. This team according to him will create fresh and interesting articles especially about Pinoys living in the Kingdom which could possibly expand to feature other Pinoys anywhere in the world, and those living back home who inspire other people.
“The plan is to create an online magazine for Filipinos to be updated of the latest happenings in the Kingdom as well as to OFWs around the globe,” said Jezreel, one of the magazine’s contributors.
As someone who loves to blog the idea penetrated my very soul. The invitation really hit me big time. It will become an avenue for me and for others to develop our writing skills, share our experiences, and inform other nations for them to get to know more of the Philippines and the people living in it. Yeah, I’m referring to you, to myself and the rest of the Filipinos working from the four corners of the world.


Khon Philippine, please welcome! The first and only Filipino online magazine in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Pinoy Thaiyo aims to raise awareness of various issues, trends, practices and other events that are of significant importance to the Filipino community in Thailand first and foremost as well as Filipinos in other parts of the world. By having the magazine published in English, we hope that it can also serve as a tool for other nationalities to see the Philippines in a more positive light and gain a better understanding of Filipinos in general which will ultimately lead to their appreciation of our culture.
It will be a bumpy ride, I know. But let’s keep the faith! Believe!
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19 Replies to “PinoyThaiyo: Thailand’s First Filipino Online Magazine”

  1. Wow I didn't know there is only one Filipino online magazine in Thailand.. I thought in this culture industry we would have lots of these stuffs available anywhere and everywhere.

  2. This is such a great idea! More power! Lucky the Filipinos there are open and supportive for this kind unlike in the country I'm in. You won't expect Filipinos to cooperate with you.

    I know this will help Filipinos a lot so good on this endeavor!

  3. Good luck on this endeavor. Nice play on words — "Thaiyo". Cute. By the way, what is the meaning of "Khon" in your blog name? – Fred

  4. wow, it really sound like an awesome idea to start this online magazine! and congrats for being able to pioneer this project!

  5. Waaah, I wish this was earlier, was there in Thailand for a vacation back in August.haha 🙂 could have met you there? 🙂

    I'm a fan of the Thai hospitality. We enjoyed our tour in Thailand. This is a great plan. Let me know how I could get myself engaged in. 😀

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