Bangkok cabbie returns cash to Russian passenger

Bangkok cabbie strikes again! Did I say that in a positive tone? If it sounded negatively, please accept my apology. 

Another honest cab driver made Thailand proud after he returned the 67,000 baht in cash on Wednesday to his Russian passenger.

Taxi driver Sukan Lalote returns cash from the wallet of his Russian passenger Kirill Burdikhin at the police-run FM91 radio station in Bangkok on Wednesday. (FM91 station photo) 

Kirill Burdikhin, 34, was reunited with his wallet when Sukan Lalote, 47, personally handed it to him at FM91 radio station run by police in Chatuchak district. 

The wallet contained personal papers identifying Mr Burdikhin and cash in baht, US and Canadian dollars, rubles and euros, worth altogether about 67,000 baht. 

Sukan said he knew how it feels to lose something as he was cheated by the owner of an old taxi who made him pay for its repair and then failed to sell it to him as promised. This very thing was enough for him to have the wallet returned.

Mr. Burdikhin was grateful for Mr. Sukan’s honesty so just before they parted ways, he gave the honest driver a 5,000 baht reward.

According to the movie website, Kirill Burdikhin is an actor and producer, known for The Weather Station (2010), Svyaz vremyon (2010) and Sem Ya (2012).

Source: Bangkok Post
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14 Replies to “Bangkok cabbie returns cash to Russian passenger”

  1. That's correct, Mr. Comporao. I hope more people will be like him so one won't feel frustrated or won't lose hope in finding something. If that happens, the world will be a better place. Anyway, 5,000 baht is about 7 to 8k in PH.

  2. Always good to hear about honest people being acknowledged. It is rather ironic though that we need to reward something we should all do naturally. – fred

  3. Wow! That's a lot of money! I've always admired workers with honesty because even though they don't get the high salary like the others in the society, they are do not let tempt (or greed) to kill their values. And these workers needs to be acknowledged.

    That's why Aksyon sa Radio (radio station here in the Philippines hosted by Raffy Tulfo) encourages taxi drivers to return whatever they find in their cabs too. I hope these kind of stories inspire other drivers to be honest and that honesty is much harder to earn and worth having than keeping monetary/material things that don't last long.

  4. Wow, thats alot of money! kudos to him for not giving in to temptation of greed! Bangkok will always be my favourite place to visit simply because the locals are so nice and honest!

  5. There are still nice people in this world and there are lucky people. In this case, Kirill was lucky to have Sukan for a driver. -katrina centeno

  6. That was really great. Who is so honest these days. We can not find such people so easily. Hats off for that person.

  7. We need to see and read more stories like this. Even with the challenges in the world, there are so many honest and good people who make a difference every day. Wonderful!

  8. Hi, i am Vanessa Ally. Yes, there are noble people still left in this world and our hope for humanity of mankind lies in them. This is a great act of honesty that I find very inspirational!

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