Sweet Moment With My Little One

“I love you, baby,” These are the words we greet our baby whenever she wakes up. Allow me to rephrase. “These are the words we tell her every time, all the time.” 

We want her to feel that we love her both in words and in actions. I believe that letting a child feel that she is being loved can work wonders. Love can help her appreciate things around her. And in turn, she will give back love to the people who showed and continue to show her love.

Meanwhile, here she is with me just before we go to school. I love you, baby.
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9 Replies to “Sweet Moment With My Little One”

  1. It's a great thing, what you're doing. Your daughter will be able to tell everyone with confidence that you love her, and she will feel all the love in the world even if it's just you and your wife saying this to her

  2. I agree. If someone is exposed to love, that someone will show back love. Same thing applies if someone is exposed to hate. That person will know nothing but hate.

  3. Parents must teach their children about love and compassion. Nice for you because even in her early age, you teach her good values.

  4. Seeing this, I remember my daughter and her Tatay in this sweet moment together. Moments like this build confidence to daughters that they don't need to look for attention outside the home.

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