Pilot Project Of Teaching Kindergarten Students Officially Commences Today

Today is the first day of the pilot project intended to help kindergarten students to speak and use English at Wat Sapansam School. The first two hours this morning was met positively by school administrators, as well as Dr. Warong himself. This afternoon the same group of students will learn English under the tutelage of Aj. Lloyd Canete.
I first taught K2 students followed by K1 into two separate periods. K2 students showed more enthusiasm in answering questions. Thanks to the handful of students who made the discussion lively and fun. As for the latter, they were a year younger and they just came out of nursery so things were quite different. They had problems identifying the ABCs, as well as having difficulty pronouncing each letter correctly. 
K1 students were also a fan of standing up; blocking others sitting behind. And the boys? Oh, the boys! What do you expect? They were like frogs that never seemed to get tired of hopping from one place to another. And, of course, there were those who didn’t seem to care at all as they looked in the horizon thinking what their moms were cooking. Seriously, the last group made me sweat like crazy. I felt the small liquids behind me crawling out of the surface as they slowly dripped themselves below. I was like, KIDS!!!”
Although the last class was a little far from being fine, to say the least – even perhaps in my own personal perspective, Dr. Warong and the school administrators were impressed (at least that’s what they told me). Perhaps there’s a truth to what they said because after I left the students a promise of a more enjoyable lesson tomorrow and then later said our goodbyes, I saw the school adviser showing me a thumbs up akin to that of Facebook. LoL.
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