Restaurant Added Roast Whole Crocodile To Its Delicacy

Roast chicken and roast pig (lechon) are both popular that introduction won’t be welcomed with surprise. We’ve been roasting these animals for, I don’t know exactly, forever? They are everywhere, scattered in all the corners of the world.

Then there are processed crocodile meat nicely packed in plastics at supermarkets. Some people prefer to fried them, add them in a bowl of soup, or simply include them in burgers. 

Crocodile meat is exceptionally tender juicy meat. It’s rich in protein and good for people who don’t want cholesterol nesting in their body. Yeah, I got that. It’s not new either.

But things are rapidly changing as people continue to experiment and play with their creativity. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome on stage Mr. “roast whole crocodile.

I never heard this until today. Bangkok Post reported that a man in Lamphun that goes by the name Natthaphak who owns a restaurant, is also raising crocodiles in his own farm and decided to add the delicacy to his menu. He thought that serving roast whole crocodile would be interesting and tasty since the demand for their meat increased in years. Added to that is the cost effective way of raising them. He just simply needs to keep the left over parts of the already popular ones such as calves and hogs, and feed the long snout reptiles once a day. It’s a win-win situation for him.

A roast whole crocodile goes for 1,800 baht, a discounted price which he is offering only during the launch of this new menu.

For the customers who want to taste the head of the roast crocodile as well, they have to pay 300 baht extra, he added. 

So, is Mr. Natthaphak expecting you soon?
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16 Replies to “Restaurant Added Roast Whole Crocodile To Its Delicacy”

  1. This seems different yet it doesn't suit my interest enough. I wonder: what if Lolong was caught in Thailand instead? That's a bigger fish, err, crocodile to fry, though. LOL!

    Plus. I don't think it would be applicable much in the Philippine shores considering this might be an exotic dish in our eyes, and there's a lawsuit that backs them up. (I failed to recall, but for sure, I saw that once in an investigative program here in PH).

  2. We actually also have that in the Philippines, we have crocodile farms in some provinces like Davao and Palawan, and then I recently discovered a restaurant here in the city serving crocodile dishes.

  3. Now that is one great whole crocodile to dine on. The delicacy maybe acceptable at certain places but for the natural habitat advocates, this may mean an offense to the nature. I've not tasted this but coming from the people I know who did, they say it tastes like chicken meat. ~

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