Filipino Teacher in Thailand Labeled Filipinos Stupid

It all started with an ad to the Facebook page “Filipinos in Thailand”. But when people placed their interest by immediately inquiring in the comment section like the location of the school, the exact date of the interview, and if it’s possible to conduct the interview on Saturday, the now infamous Genaro Dela Torre responded with a rather offensive label. Stupid Filipino!

Members of the page were enraged as to how he himself a Filipino, looks down on his countrymen like nobodies or people of no importance. Few seconds later, hate comments started flooding in.

Mackoy Sevilla said: waaaah stupid pa buh..nagtanong lang naman cla kung san sa bkk at anong school .. stupid filipino agad..ehh hindi kaya clear yung post mo. waaaaah

attention seeker! thats why we are being discriminated against here in thailand cz of some attitude problem, Jemross Erida said

Here are some screenshots:

And the comments continued….

To make the matter worst, this isn’t the first time he called Filipinos stupid. In a similar post yesterday, Genaro left the comment below.

He is indeed famous now who made a name for himself in less than 24 hours.

Note: Some comments were too offensive to be included. 
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9 Replies to “Filipino Teacher in Thailand Labeled Filipinos Stupid”

  1. he is telling that to himself,,, kala nya kung sinu sya nakapunta lng ng ibang bansa pag makaasta,,,,he is more Idiot,,,,

  2. Hey..I just would like to clarify.. Did he mentioned "Filipino" which is referring to 1 person in particular..or " Filipinos " as in general..hhhuh..pls don't get me wrong..I donno this person but before I make any comment……..or before I "f…." em for saying that…so what is what???

  3. Let me tell you as I saw first hand the comments and as to why he uttered the word "stupid." When he (the infamous guy) posted an ad, there were three people who asked questions to him. The questions were

    1. Location of the school

    2. Exact date of the interview and;

    3. The possibility of conducting the interview on Saturday

    The first screenshot of the article was his comment to the questions posted above.

    His ad was vague with not much details, therefore, people asked questions to clear their confusions. His comment (first screenshot) could possibly refer to the one who last asked, hence the "label", or it could be the first three people who asked. But judging (although I'm not a judge) from the last screenshot and the previous posts he had, he's kind of like fond using the word "stupid". And since most Filipinos in Thailand are teachers, he could also be referring to just the Filipinos in Thailand and not the Pinoys in general.

  4. sana tinuruan mo nlng ang istupido, kung hindi ka moron; para maging matalino! hai naku, ito ang mas masakit na pakinggan na ang panglalait ay magmumula pa sa kapwa!…What a hick!…

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