University Teacher Blackmailed Students Into Sex, Authorities Say

When I was starting out at Rajabaht, my Thai colleague told me so many interesting and shocking stories. One in particular of a shocking story (at that time) was when a lecturer got romantically involved with his student. He was kicked out of the institution and he suffered so much they never heard anything from him again. Therefore, hearing stories of teachers soliciting sex or offering indecent proposals to their students in exchange of a passing grade or similar stuff is no longer new to me. 

Photo: Daily News Online
This is a case of a Thai guy teaching Chinese language to students in Phayao. He was arrested after luring teens into having sexual encounters with him through “Beetalk”, a popular chat app.

According to police, suspect Sinchai Kimsia, 37, confessed to blackmailing more than 10 women in Phayao into having sex with him at a press conference today. There were five unidentified victims who came forward to file a police report. The authorities believe the number of complainants may soon rise.
The suspect would ask the victims to send nude photos in exchange for money ‒ as much as THB150,000. Then he will threaten to post the naughty selfies onto social networks and even the victims’ university websites unless they had sex with him, the investigators said.
Sinchai was arrested by the authorities at the university and encouraged the other victims to file a report.
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