“Filipino Teachers For Kindergarten Schools,” Says Former MP For Phitsanulok

I went to Dr. Warong’s house yesterday afternoon for our regular English session. In case you don’t have any idea who he is, Dr. Warong was a former Member of Parliament for Phitsanulok. He is with the Democrat Party headed by former Premiere Abhisit Vejjajiva.


I once told him that me and some teachers at Rajabaht University are currently conducting English classes to kindergarten students at five tessaban schools. So prior to the meeting, I was already informed through a phone call that his pilot project of giving English classes to a chosen school who can’t afford to hire foreign teachers, will be the topic of our discussion. 

His vision of having Thai citizens who can use English confidently and fluently in the future is his primary concern. Thus, the request to help him in achieving his goal came into picture.


Firstly, he asked which among five schools I have the most confidence in conducting the project. After telling him which school, he said he’s gonna speak to the school director before the start of the project for a smooth transition.

To give you what the project is about, let me tell you what I know. Dr. Warong flew to Singapore two months ago to observe their system of education, and to know as to how Singaporeans are able to speak many languages with almost equal command. His team also observed students at leading schools in Bangkok to understand fully what to do when the project starts.


He said he is doing the unconventional. Instead of hiring foreign teachers to teach high school and university students which has been going on for years as the focus of the government, he will focus more in building a strong foundation, and that is to start at kindergarten level, more specifically to poor students enrolled in temple schools.

At some point I am starting to feel the pressure because his target teachers are Filipinos. The pilot project will run for three months starting next term. If it goes well and the outcome is what they are expecting, the possibility of continuing the project will be imminent. It is therefore my work to scout for teachers who’ll be able to contribute to the students’ development.

Once again if this becomes successful and their party holds the government, we’re not talking of Phitsanulok schools only. We’re talking of schools across the country. And that means more jobs for Filipinos.
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7 Replies to ““Filipino Teachers For Kindergarten Schools,” Says Former MP For Phitsanulok”

  1. The topic was primarily for Filipinos only. But who knows things will be different and will include other nationalities as well. Let's just wait and see.

  2. That seems to be a very gigantic project with much benefit to both the Thai educational system and (Filipino) teachers. Kudos for your effort.
    I don't know if it's just me or somebody also has noticed but what will happen to the "Black" Teachers here in. Day in day out, they seem to be little or no opportunities for them; yet they have same and some higher qualification/experience.
    Isn't there any way such projects would integrate them as well. Or are the rumours true; that only teachers from the ASEAN community would be gainfully employed within the next decade?

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