An Invitation To Teach At The Leading High School In Phitsanulok

A friend of mine who manages an EP program in one of the largest and most famous high schools in Phitsanulok made a phone call to me on Monday. She said one of the teachers was about to leave and the students will have no one to teach them. To cut the story short, she asked me if I can help her with Matthayom 1 and Matthayom 3 students for a four-hour class a week next month. I said yes with not much of a question, since this is the fourth time I’m going to work for her during my vacant hours.

But it’s funny (no negative meaning intended) because both of us were under the impression that I will start in September as what we have agreed on. My mind was already programmed that there’s no way it will start this month. Yesterday morning however, she called back and asked if I can start in the afternoon for M3. I was taken aback honestly, because I was still arranging my timetable to compliment her and my students at the university, as well as the five temple schools I am currently handling. Although I said yes to M3, I have to drop M1 because of conflicting schedule.

Anyway, M3 students of the EP program were good. They were responding fast to all the questions I threw at them, and all the questions were answered correctly. I also had the feeling that they were trying to impress me with their use of American accent most of the time. They were fun to watch having a friendly competition as to who can make a passable American twang. I didn’t know why they did that but I must admit I enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see them again.
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