Things are starting to scare me… again!

With the ongoing protest of the opposition in Bangkok and their number increasing day by day, one can’t help but be worried of its possible ramifications. 

Remember what happened at Suvarnabhumi airport three years ago? Flights were cancelled and it was closed down for a few days. Then the Central World when it was almost burnt to the ground.

And just this morning, I read from the that seven teenagers were stopped by the police checkpoint in Khattiyani Intersection. This move by the police is part of their procedure to search for weapons that could be smuggled into the protest site.

What did the police find in the teenagers backpacks? Oh, they simply found a “thing” that resembled a sniper… did I say also a handgun? 

The protest being led by former Democrat MP Suthep Thaugsuban told the crowd on stage he could be gone anytime. Not that he plans to stop the protest – in fact, he resigned from his MP position just to do what he calls “uprooting the Thaksin regime.” But because he is now being targeted by government-allied snipers. 

The teens were also carrying Guy Fawkes mask, the mask used by anti-government protesters in the past as their symbol.

With guns and stuff like that in the air, what more could possibly happen in the coming days?

I don’t want the 2010 unrest to happen once again. Lives were taken and properties were destroyed. It might be a wishful thinking but I do wish things will fall into place. After all, I want to stay longer in the country that I fell in love with six years ago.
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