Underage sex scandal ‘involves police’


Opps! another disheartening news about cops just came into the picture. Whenever we talk vices I can’t help but wonder why stories about drugs, prostitution, smuggling, and all other scary stuff involve cops in most instances. 

Is life really that difficult to involve it to something you know as immoral just to earn? 

Not that I’m generalizing the cops because there are still good ones around. But it seems like those vices and some of them are, in most cases, linked together.

The underage sex scandal in Phichit is one heck of an example. Phichit’s chief of Police in Bung Na Rang district together with his deputy and inspector are going to be transferred at the provincial Police region 6. The result of transfer is the chief’s failure to crack down the sex trade, especially the ones involving underage girls.

The transfers followed a raid on four illegal parlours in Bung Na Rang, deputy police spokesman Pol Col Anucha Romyanan said. Interior Ministry officials found several girls aged below 18 and were working as prostitutes in the bar.

Why did he fail to crack it down before the transfer? I guess you know why.
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