Wifey’s version of Phat Pak Ruam (Friend Mixed Vegetables)

Wifey seldom cooks. She prefers to look after our “kulet” rather than slicing onions and grating vegetables in the kitchen. I’m more like the frequent guest of the kitchen. But when she holds the ladle and the pan, mind you… it’s gonna be a smashing hit. Seriously!

Moreover, she cooks pancit miki in a taste that will make you crave for more. Whenever we prepare something for friends coming over our house, I always tell her to include it in the menu. “You’re the pancit queen in Phitsanulok”, I always joke her.
Lastly, both of us are fond of the Phat Pak Ruam (Fried Mixed Vegetables). When were out to dine in a restaurant, we never forget to place an order. So last night she did something for the very first time. She did justice in cooking our “favorite”. I liked it and so were the people at home. In fact, even my dogs loved it too.
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