UP Student winning photo was actually not his own

We sometimes do things we knew were stupid from the very beginning, but we still do them anyway. The lack of experience and the sheer delight they bring are some of the reasons we give to justify such actions. But do we really know the gravity of our actions? Yes. No. Whatever. Until someone blows the whistle telling us we’re way out of the line.

The buzz on social networking sites about the UP student who won a photo contest is starting to boil up with no signs of stopping. It won’t stop that fast since he passed the photo and claimed it as his own. To top it off, he’s been joining similar contests while sending someone else’s pictures since 2011. And they’re not simply just contests. They are big, real deal contests!
Photo by: Raymond C. Ordoñez

Gregory John Smith, the owner of the photo used in the contest, is of course not happy with that. He’s demanding the organizers of the Smiles for the World to revoke all prizes given to Mark Joseph Solis and grant them to his foundation. I don’t see anything bad about his idea as it was his photo anyway. 

Mr. Solis on the other hand already wrote a letter of apology to Mr. Smith. He said in the letter that he’s in deep remorse and learned a lot from his actions. However, some people don’t buy his apology – claiming he’s only sorry he got caught. If not, he could be winning contests after contests whilst passing something as his own.

Here’s the LINK of Mr. Solis’ speech at the awarding ceremony (Credits to Raymond C. Ordoñez). And here’s the LINK to his letter of apology.

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