Six years and counting

Contract signing of teachers is being done annually with the hopes of getting a salary increase. But the mere fact that a teacher’s contract will be renewed with no increase is absolutely better than nothing at all. No one wants to hear his or her boss saying something like, “Sorry, but the school doesn’t have a budget anymore”. Or worst, “You weren’t the teacher we thought you were”. 

A year and a half ago a friend revealed that his boss told him the latter. His world crumbled. His self esteem dropped. But I think he’s back in business now, and I’m happy he rebounded fast.

Anyway, March is the dreaded month to most elementary and high school teachers in Thailand because it’s the time school administrators decide whether a contract teacher will be renewed or not. University lecturers like me on the other hand happens to dread the month of September. Yes, September, and that is this month.

Yesterday fortunately, a sigh of relief was just breathed when I was handed a contract for the next term and the term after that. I’ll be able to sleep tight now without worries of what’s gonna happen before September ends. Am I gonna sing “Wake me up when September ends?” I don’t think so anymore. Lol.

Thank you Pibulsongkram Rajabaht University. Six years and counting.
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