Reforming English Teaching in Thailand

Me training English teachers in Sukothai
Thailand’s Education Minister Chaturon Chaisaeng is asking teachers particularly those who teach English to come up and share their ideas on how to improve the students’ proficiency in English. 

He said Obec will organize more rounds of seminars for teachers so they can air their views, ideas, and share information on how to help students be able to speak the language.

According to the Minister, it is high time for the Education Ministry to overhaul the English education in schools because students, even after learning the language for more than a decade, aren’t able to communicate well. 

He also said that English tuition and learning approach should move away focusing on grammar correctness. Instead, move towards a more communicative style.

“Teaching students to memorize English vocabulary and grammar won’t help them greatly improve their English communication,” the Minister said.

“Take me as an example. Through 16 years of learning English, I never even had a one-hour class of English conversation,” he added.

In today’s teaching strategies and techniques, communicative approach is what ESL, EFL, and other language teachers should be practicing. In my humble opinion, grammar can be incorporated. But focusing entirely on it won’t produce much success. And with the ASEAN’s effectivity in 2015, I couldn’t help but agree with the minister to do some reformations. 
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