College’s added fees unacceptable to students

The increase of tuition fees in schools and universities are inevitable. Looking at the current stage of the world economy the fees might remain the same in the next few years, but I don’t see the decrease any time soon. For one, there’s this inflation. It is the increasing prices of commodities and the decline in the purchasing power of money. Simply put, things are getting more valuable except money

Students in Thailand may not challenge their teachers by asking questions related to the subject being taught because it may mean disrespectful. But everything that involves money especially if they’re the ones’ gonna pay with no explanation or whatnot will result to something different. 

The increase of tuition fees although some might consider unacceptable or unfair can be justified with a “talk”, or an “explanation” from the governing body. Letting the students know as to why the increase happened can save them trouble.

What’s happening at Chalermkarnchana College in Nakorn Si Thammarat is a perfect example of not letting the students know of the increase of fees. Students don’t have any problem with the 800 baht for each credit unit and the 5,000 baht general fee every semester. However, the annual fee of 5,000 baht (in addition to pre-semester fee) and the 3,000 baht fee for other education-related stuff are unacceptable.

The 3,000 baht fee for education-related stuff is charged without information of what it covers, much less the language laboratory service fee because the lab happens to be nonexistent.

Hence, students protested on Saturday as a result of the college’s action. In response, the college sent a negotiator to talk and clear things out with the students. Unfortunately, the negotiator failed to provide satisfactory explanation, inciting the students to obstruct the school’s main road.

The students are now requesting to have a talk with the college’s rector. Failure to grant their request will result for them to rally. 
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