Bullies watch out! PNoy signs the Anti-Bullying Law

Bullying is a serious matter one shouldn’t ignore. So when you happen to see someone is being bullied, it is but proper to have it reported or bring the incident up to someone in authority.

The effects of bullying may have a long-lasting psychological impact. It can cause depression, feeling afraid, bad performance in school or at work, loss in self-esteem and to top them all, suicide!

But there is a reason for those who suffer from bullies to have their long-lost smile back. PNoy signed into law the Republic Act 10627, or the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013. This new law will require “bullies” to undergo a rehabilitation program which will be administered by the school. Their parents will also be encouraged to participate in the program.

Apart from that, schools will be required to have a school officer that would be responsible in the investigation of reported incidents so as to address the problem promptly. An appropriate disciplinary action will then be taken and once proven, will notify both the parents of the bullies and the victims. The school officer is also expected to notify authorities if criminal charges may be pursued against the bullies.

Schools who fail to comply to the requirements of the new law will be given appropriate sanctions by the Department of Education.
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