10 billion Philippine peso note released by Bangko Sentral

The 10 billion pesos PDAF scam isn’t something we can just shrug off. As an OFW, that’s a big NO! My voice may not be as loud as the others but in my own little way, I won’t let it pass. Imagine, people are leaving their country to get a decent job abroad and working their asses off just to send some of their hard-earned money to their families back home, only to be pocketed by these greedy politicians. I don’t feel sad about this… “Angry” is more like a perfect word.
Photo: Ron Abian

Anyway, with the ongoing investigation of the pork barrel scam issue involving lawmakers like Revilla and Estrada, netizens are also doing their best to come up with memes that typically best describe how they feel. It may be funny at first, but you’ll get the bigger picture from this picture. Lol.

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