Gone to soon

With so many long holidays last month and personal concerns with which most fell on Friday, my class in English for Tourism 2 was badly affected. If my memory serves me well I think I met them only once for the last two months since the start of the class (twice today I think). So, after more than an hour of lecturing I told them as to why I wasn’t able to meet them, and included my sorry. They seemed to be happy – telling me that things are just fine. I thought it was.

As I was checking the attendance and called one from the list, no one said “present”or “absent”. I called the name again but only received dead silence. They usually answer me but this time they didn’t. Confusion started to get to me and thought my students were picking on me. However, one of them asked if I knew what happened to the one I just called. I simply said “no” and let her speak.

I was flabbergasted hearing the news that she passed away together with her boyfriend in a car accident in Chiang Rai last week. Although I didn’t know much about her, somehow, I feel sorry for her and her family. For the last five years or so of my stay in this university, there were 4 students that I handled who died of accident. There might be more that I knew nothing about, though. Sad, just sad.
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