Back in business
After couple of months being in hiatus this blog is finally back in business. I apologize for not being visible as I was busy visiting PILIPINAS and also taking care of our little angel. But I’m finally back and that’s all that matters.

I may not post as many articles as I’d like to but I won’t be leaving this blog ever!

Anyway, just a quick update on how things are doing here in Phitsanulok. So far, everything is back to normal. Teachers are now out early in the morning because the class already started. Mine on the other hand will start next week, and I can’t help but smile because I’m bored as hell. If my little angel is not here, I’ll probably have a seizure. lol!

The P’lok Pinoyz will also hold a Philippine Independence celebration on the 8th of June and I’m one of the emcees. So, if you can come over and would like to celebrate with us, feel free to pay Phitsanulok a visit and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.
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