Pattaya: Sin City of Southeast Asia

Pattaya, dubbed as the Sin City of Asia, is indeed living to its alias. With “farangs” (foreigners) outnumbering the locals in some places in the city, perhaps it’s safe to say there are bountiful reserves of honey hiding somewhere that make tourists flock in great numbers every year. As a matter of fact, others stay in the city for good.
I’ve been to Pattaya twice or maybe thrice in my lifetime. But prior to my first visit, I’ve already heard stories that I thought only exist in movies. There was nothing worth noting in the morning or even to the city as a whole aside from big numbers of tourists and business establishments here and there, owned and managed by farangs married to, or with Thai partners. 
But don’t just go yet. Wait for the evening to come and see for yourself as nighttime in Pattaya especially on the city’s Walking Street gives you a literal translation of a “wild and rowdy night.” When I said wild and rowdy, there’s no inch of a joke but reality. You might see half naked ladyboys walking like ramp models, strippers dancing on the ledge of buildings, and people selling tickets for live sex shows and other unusual acts done underground.
And to make things worth noting, police yesterday caught more than 10 couples, mostly foreigners who were trying to flee a swingers’ party at Rama Kien Resort. Authorities received information that a swingers’ party was being held every Sunday at the said resort. 
Authorities found more than 20 half naked men and women with 25 used condoms and sex toys. 
For those who have been to Pattaya I’m pretty sure you got the picture crystal clear. As for those who haven’t yet, I’ll let you play with your imagination more and certainly won’t spoil it.
But then again Pattaya is not all about wild and rowdy things at night where you let the devil on your shoulder indulge. In fact, the city is a great place to relax and unwind especially on the beach. It houses Asia’s largest beachfront shopping mall (Central festival), several international art galleries, and an area of extensive property development. So if you plan to visit Pattaya, don’t let the title of the article ruin your plan. It’s just my two cents that I decided to share. Have fun!
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