Dutch guy found floating dead in Phuket

Photo by Achadtaya Chuenniran
A 26 year-old Dutchman, later identified as Stephan Henricus Maria Buczynski, was found dead in Phuket’s Patong Beach on Sunday morning. He was spotted by long-tailed boats and jet-ski operators at about 8:30am, floating 500 meters from the beach. His body was later recovered with the help of speed boat operators.

When inspected by physician, it was revealed that Mr. Buczynski has been dead for four hours. There was a 4cm-long injury at the back of his neck while his forehead was believed to be struck by a hard object. A waterproof bag was also found around his neck containing a passport, 1, 500 euros and 5,200 baht cash.

In the comment section where I got this article, people have different views about it. One commented that a death of a “farang” tourist anywhere in the country will always appear suicide even if they are found handcuffed behind their backs. Others suspected he was killed by another farang because the money was not stolen, or perhaps he was hit by propellers around while swimming. However, who in their right mind would swim around 4am with their passport and almost 2,000 euros with them? Get the picture?
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