What Manny’s loss taught me

I was shouting with every thrown punches of Manny. He’s going to own this fight, I thought. I didn’t have reservations or second thoughts because he is revered by many as the greatest pound for pound boxer of all time, and he proved himself many times over his past matches so why would I doubt him this time.

At first, I was like “WTF is happening to Manny?” when he was knocked down on the 3rd round. Profanity just came out like it was a normal thing. But when Manny countered on the 5th and Marquez failed to regain his balance, I knew he’s going to have the game back again. 

However, again, on the sixth round, just as I thought he will knock Marquez down because of the many landed punches, Marquez countered a right punch that sent Manny face down on the canvass. I can’t believe it. It was like a nightmare, and the word “acceptance” was like never heard yet. I started posting about his fight on facebook, proud during the first two rounds, and then everything changed to doubt. Had he devoted his time in this match, this fight will be his, and only his.

My bad, I know. I failed to realize that not everyday is Christmas where gifts are abundant. Just like his fight with Bradley, and then again his fight today with Marquez, sometimes we win and sometimes we don’t. I failed to see that no one else in his time made an impact to the world that brought the Philippines to stardom, the land of great boxers as they say. I forgot that we are just humans where perfection is just but a wishful thinking. 

To you Manny, you are still Pinoy’s greatest boxer. We failed, we lose. But we will rise again and we won’t back down. When you smiled and greeted Marquez after your match, that was more than something. Thanks for waking me up.
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