Thailand ranked 8th most dangerous country in the world, 1st in SE Asia

In the 158 countries covered by Global Terrorism Index (GTI), Thailand was ranked 8th in the world and the fifth worst in all Asia. Meaning, it is also Southeast Asia’s worst. I was under the impression that the Philippines ranks higher than Thailand in our region. However, GTI marked the Philippines second only to Thailand and number 10 in the world.

Laos on the other hand, the most bombed country in the world, a title no country wish to hold, hasn’t experienced terrorism over the past decade. Indonesia is at number 29, Myanmar at 33, Malaysia at 90 and Cambodia at 101. 

The very reason Thailand was ranked 8th in the world is the ongoing insurgency in the deep south that claimed several lives. GTI measured the 158 countries systematically with four indicators – the number of incidents, deaths, injured and the level of property damage.

The 173 violent incidents that took place in the South last year – and left 142 people dead and 427 others injured – could be documented as terrorism, according to the institute.

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