Celebrating Christmas with P’lok Pinoyz


Christmas is the most anticipated and probably the most happiest event for most Filipinos every year. However, it can also be a time of longing for someone you love like family and friends especially if spending it away from them. Longing for family and friends and the way Christmas is celebrated in our home country is exactly what Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) feel this time of the year. Pain is perhaps too strong a word to use but it certainly comes close for what parents feel specifically those who left their kids in the care of grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Fortunately, Christmas abroad is not always dull and boring nor it is spent alone. Three nights ago we just had a party at the Wangchan Riverview Hotel we named “White Christmas.” Everyone was in their stunning and dashing white dresses. And last night after the mass at Saint Nicholas Church, Filipinos once again gathered and shared the foods prepared for Noche Buena. It was fun and everyone had a really good laugh. I felt I was just celebrating Christmas in our backyard in the Philippines.

I am technically far from home but I never felt that far because of the people surrounding me. Thank you P’lok Pinoyz!

PS: Special greeting goes to Madam Gina Boa – Chantengco who happens to celebrate her birthday today. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, Madam.
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