Philippine Volcanoes Erupted, reaching Rugby Sevens World Cup final stage

Another milestone for the Philippines has been set by none other than the Philippine Rugby Team or popularly known as the Philippine Volcanoes, named after the 1st Filipino Infantry Regiment that fought under the command of the United States Army.

Philippine Volcanoes bagged the bronze medal after defeating Korea at the HSBC Asian Rugby Sevens Series Singapore Sevens on Saturday with a 22-19 score. Their victory resulted for the team to be included to the Rugby Sevens World Cup final which will be staged in June of next year in Russia. World’s best rugby teams like Fiji, New Zealand, and defending champs Wales will be there, making the event much anticipated by rugby fanatics.

The next paragraph may not be uplifting. However, I see the need for me to write about it after reading the “not so good comments” of some people from another article related to this. These are just my thoughts, but hopefully, others may be enlightened.

Yes, members of the team are mostly expats and may not be full-blooded Filipinos. But no matter what the bashers say, at least these people chose to play in the Philippines and they are making our country popular. If they are making glory, why don’t we support them? After all, they still have Filipino blood in them. I don’t understand why some people cannot fathom the idea. Come to think about it – In this age and time, who can say they have 100% Pinoy blood with no touch of Spanish, Americans, Chinese, or whatnot?
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