Have a happy life

Photo by Melissa Teger

We don’t have control over our friends who we want to stay in our lives. They may, at some point, leave us with no explanation whatsoever. Is saying goodbye one of the most difficult words to say then? Probably.

But what a great feeling it is if our friends stay with us in our most difficult moments. I guess the term “true friends” would be a perfect fit to it. And added to the good times is the longer times you stayed together as friends.

Let’s get to know Joseph Katz and Al Spiegal who are best friends for 91 years and who celebrated their 100th birthday together in Lauderhill, Florida on Saturday. 

The two became friends when they were 10. They went and graduated at the same elementary, worked together for the same company and kept their friendship together.

Spiegal’s birthday was on the 26th of August but he waited to blow the candles on the 29th of September, his best buddy’s big day. After all, celebrating one of your most treasured day with someone whom you truly love, may it be family or friends, is really amazing.

You want to live a 100 years-old? Then Katz have a simple words for you.

“You don’t reach 100 just like this. With your body, you’ve got to use it, not abuse it. Live the right kind of life. Take care of yourself. Eat the right kind of food. Don’t smoke. Don’t touch alcohol. Go ride a bike. Go ballroom dancing. Keep occupied and you’ll make it.”

Then he cracked a joke. “Just keep breathing, that’s the secret to my longevity.”

But before the party’s over he uttered a “Have a happy life” sendoff that leaves everyone a lesson to ponder.
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