Thais, world’s most promiscuous according to survey

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Infidelity as we know it has been going out for centuries. A serious matter that claimed many lives and destroyed relationships. Women don’t do it quite often as oppose to men who were labelled as polygamous in nature. 

Is this the new trend? Maybe or maybe not. But do you know that women in Thailand were ranked second in the world after Ghana in the most unfaithful lovers survey conducted by condom producer, Durex. My opinion probably won’t count but perhaps Durex claim may be correct since I personally heard first-hand stories from my female Thai friends that most of them have other partners beside the so called “legitimate” ones. I have been hearing this kind of story regularly. I thought at first they were just making fun of me. But I guess they were right from the very beginning.

29, 000 women from different countries were surveyed and 62 per cent of the women from Ghana admitted they cheated on their boyfriends and husbands, followed by Thailand with 59 per cent, and Malaysia with 39 per cent.

Thailand came in first among couples who cheated on each other, followed my South Korea and then Malaysia.

We are not yet done. Let’s take a look about Thai men on the same survey conducted by Durex. Thai men emerged number one with 59 per cent followed by South Korea with 34 per cent and then Malaysia with 33 per cent. The survey also stated that Asian men were the most promiscuous in the world. Seriously?

This may be true or perhaps not. But by the looks of it, I am certain that infidelity’s decline won’t be seen any time soon.

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