Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow ‘meets’ our very own Datu Puti

If you need any more proof that this is the year Pinoy food will start getting big, then there’s “Hollywood-backed proof” that ensures us that it will happen.

In her website Goop, actress Gwyneth Paltrow wrote about her cooking session with chef Keith Rhodes, who was one of the contestants in Season 9 of the reality TV show Top Chef. Paltrow and Rhodes prepared a pan-seared black grouper at the latter’s restaurant, Catch, which is located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Paltrow describes Catch as a “a casual and delicious seafood spot.”

Paltrow related that to give the vegetables that accompanied the grouper “an Asian flavor,” they used a variety of condiments. Among them was Datu Puti Toyomansi. Paltrow said that Rhodes got acquianted with the Pinoy condiment when he was cooking in Philadelphia. Paltwro described the toyomansi as ‘a calamansi (Filipino citrus) – infused soy sauce.”

Rhodes’ and subsequently Paltrow’s use of the Pinoy condiment may be considered as yet another testament to the prediction of Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel’sBizarre Foods, who said in his TODAY.com interview: “I predict, two years from now, Filipino food will be what we will have been talking about for six months… I think that’s going to be the next big thing. I want to go on record—this is not something that’s hot now somewhere and will get hot everywhere else. It’s just starting. I think it’s going to take another year and a half to get up to critical mass.” Zimmern had traveled to the Philippines for one of his Bizarre Foods episodes.


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