Lady Gaga going “GAGA ” with Bangkok ladyboys


I went to Phuket last week and saw for the first time a “Cabaret Show” like (only it was transvestite) when three ladyboys dressed in beautiful and glittering gown showed themselves and performed in front of the people after the volleyball game between Rajabaht in Isaarn and Rajabaht in the south. We attended the sports festival of the 41 Rajabaht Universities in Thailand if you were to ask what’s with the game and the Phuket escapede lol.

These ladyboys looked so much like a real woman. Others in fact were a lot more prettier in terms of curves and the “booby trap” – you know what I mean wink. Anyway, this post is not about the ladyboys alone but with controversial pop singer Lady Gaga as well. She just happen to be here in Bangkok and met these lovely ladies at Calypso Bar. She was screaming and clapping her hands at the same time whilst appreciating their lip-syncing prowess and dance routines.

Is she really going GAGA for these “Thai Ladies?” Read more HERE

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