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As a former customer service representative in one of the leading call centres in the Philippines, hearing the news of an agent rectifying a charge on the customer’s credit card in exchange of a small amount makes me sick. TELSTRA, an Australian telecommunications and media company, received a complain from “Sam”, one of their customers. Sam claims that when he called the company to complain about the charge on his account, a certain “Daniela” promised him that she can reverse the $557 charge to just $99 dollars, in exchange for a $60 dollars kickback of course. 

According to an Australian News, Daniela sent Sam an email privately with a proposition that reportedly read: 

“Sam, you really sound pleasant to me… lols. do you want me to rectify this bill straight away? can do some reverse of charge and just put your account on $99 charge so you won’t have problem when you go into state work, if I have to receive these special presents. cheers! daniela” 

Now here’s the video...

How can she do such an act? Call center agents are bounded by secrecy on customers’ personal information and shouldn’t, by any chance, extort money from them. At the moment, the case is under investigation. If the accusation is proven true, it will be another blow to the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) world and the call center agents in general.

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7 Replies to “Call Center Scandal – TELSTRA”

  1. The cc agent is a homo(gay). He used a different picture and name. Damn that person!!!! I am really pissed-off and at the same time ashamed that we are working in the same Company. Good that he's currently suspended while investigation is in progress.

  2. The picture of the girl in the video is not Michelle Valdez or Daniella.
    She is not associated to Teleperformance or Telstra.
    She don't know who Michelle Valdez or Daniella is.
    But one thing for sure, my friend is a victim of identity theft.
    She don't have any idea why her facebook pictures were posted in an Australian News, Today's Tonight. This is a huge misunderstanding. My friend is depressed right because of the issue.

  3. This situation will give negative reputation to call center industries, not particularly in Philippines but in all, I think. This Daniela should've think about the negative impact her money business act will cause to the entire call center industry.

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