Hollywood Actress Wowed By Palawan

Palawan is one of the most captivating islands of the Philippine archipelago and definitely can compete in an international contest or whatnot. People of different ages flock the islands at any given time especially during summer where late flight booking is a no-no. If you want a taste of Palawan with less or no hassle for that matter, have everything done in advance.

Once again, another Hollywood actress and a cast of the new movie “The Bourne Legacy” was awed by the splendour of one of Palawan’s municipality, gifted with paradise-like islets of white and firm sandy beaches that haven’t been damaged or destroyed by mass tourism. They still fall under the category of “pristine or unspoiled” to simply put it. The government wants nothing but to maintain the beauty of the island and restore to their original glory those who were damaged by people or those who were destroyed by the wrath of nature.
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“I can live in Palawan forever” said Hollywood actress Rachel Weisz during the filming of the movie in El Nido. Jun Juban, of the Philippine Film Studios Inc. and the movie’s local producer, told reporters at Annabel’s restaurant in Quezon City that Weisz was captivated by Palawan’s beauty.

Aside from Manila and Makati, Palawan was given quite a good exposure especially at the end of the movie. For me, it was like saying that the island is something people of the world should look forward to in case they’re choosing their next holiday destination.

And by the way, I am from Palawan – just so you know..WINK!

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5 Replies to “Hollywood Actress Wowed By Palawan”

  1. Though I am not a Hollywood star Patrick but I have to say…I was mesmerized and enamored by the pristine beaches of El Nido.

    When are you going to have your wedding again? 🙂

  2. I always get what I went for..
    and so much more!
    The last frontier..
    Palawan is a gem of Philippine Tourism.
    It's soo true, I want to agree with Rachel, I could live in Palawan forever.

  3. wow! it's such an honor to have a famous star say that about our country! at least ma promote talaga ang tourism natin because we have a lot to boast about. I wish I could go to Palawan. And yes, I know you are from there so I cannot imagine how proud you are about this news! 🙂 Congrats John, and congrats to us, Filipinos! Mabuhay!

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