Merry Christmas’ a no-no at the airport

Smile is encouraged but “Merry Christmas” greetings are not? 

Miaa General Manager Jose Angel Honrado was uttered saying at the airport’s employees and personnel “I strongly discourage them from extending the ‘Merry Christmas’ or other similar greetings to passengers because such a gesture, no matter how casual or sincere, might be misinterpreted as asking for a tip.” 

Personally, i found this statement disturbing. Yeah, we have this crocs at the airport that are best in attacking passengers for a tip. But then again, what’s wrong with the “Merry Christmas” greeting? It’s Christmas season anyway. These are words synonymous with giving, sharing and loving. Why don’t we give love on Christmas Day? lol.  If they give, thank them. If they don’t, stop acting like your waiting for something. Simple as that. But refraining them from uttering a greeting? Wow….Isn’t it too much?

Here’s the linky: Merry Christmas at the Airport

Just my thoughts..

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