Lost Smile of an Ajarn


A friend told me on Monday, King of Thailand’s 84th birthday and the country’s celebration of Father’s Day, of a terrible tragedy. A pick-up truck fell off bridge into the Nan River. She said many people were taking photos and videos of the said tragedy causing too much traffic on the main road.

Yesterday, after talking to the newly hired teacher, another friend asked if i heard about the sad story that happened in the Nan River on Monday. I said “Yeah, i heard about it. What’s with that?” Thinking it was no importance to me as i don’t know what really happened, let alone the person who was in the truck, i didn’t give any reassuring face of concern. She then said that the woman who crashed and drowned was one of our faculty member. I was like “REALLY?” She later showed me the picture of the woman and recognized her immediately. She always wore this happy face with no trace of sad dispositions in life every time we passed-by each other in the hallway. 

I don’t know her name because she was with the different program. But i wish her new life would be more rewarding and happier. RIP Ajarn.

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