Pinay’s iBus invention wins in London

Elma Arboleras, a Filipina who joined at the British Invention Show (IBS), won a gold medal for her invention of what she dubbed as the iBus under the consumer category. Her eight years of long, ardous work finally paid off. The BIS is on its 11th year of bringing together inventors, innovators and designers in a platform that will enable them to promote and advance their ideas.

It is seldom for a Filipino to get such prestigious award and I am very happy when I heard the news. What made me even happier is her turning down of offers to buy the patent of the iBus to be implemented abroad. “What I have done or got here is my gift for the Philippines. What our government is going to do about it is the Philippines’ gift to the world,” said Arboleras.

The inventor of iPod and president of The British Invention Show, Kane Kramer, was impressed with her invention. He was qouted saying “Elma’s application of technology was really directing at a problem which affects the majority of society rather than just one little specialist area and that it can make a difference to people’s daily lives. It’s important that both companies, corporate and government get behind the innovators and the inventors. I am not talking big money necessary in big business. We are talking about here the seedbed, the very seeds when they are sprouting and nurturing those seeds and giving the seeds the chance to root properly and by doing this with innovation and technology, you have the scope to completely change the outlook for an entire country by both manufacturing and exports”.

He added: “A single invention has a capability to transform the wealth of a nation. And it’s common that great inventions and great innovations actually can go unnoticed. Sometimes, sitting on university desk with talented professors and these could be world changing and yet they don’t get out, they don’t escape and don’t see the light of day.” 

Mr. Kramer’s statement was so right. If the government can back up its own manpower and support them all through out, i bet we can produce more inventors far beyond imagination.

More of the iBus can be read here: iBus News

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