Thailand Education Ministry – The Problem?

In order to avail the best quality education there is for their kids and to have a brighter future ahead of them, exclusive and high caliber schools are what Thai parents think of. But the very thing that makes them worried are the five, six, or even seven figures of tuition fee per semester.That’s a lot of money, yeah?
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I find this very alarming due to the fact that there are students who hailed from poor families with the ability of helping their country but wouldn’t have a chance to finish their studies due to lack of finances. This is what we call disdain for the poor and exploitation of the weak. I also believe that Thai education is a lucrative business that prompts people to put up language schools like cockroaches springing rapidly anywhere. Do you agree?

A contributor of Bangkok Post wrote a very interesting article about the Thai Education, specifically the Education Ministry as being the problem. It highlights the flaws and the many things that the ministry needs to change.
Click the good read link. Bangkok Post
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