Thailand Braces for more FLOODING

Photo By: Jiggs Paradero
Two months passed but Thailand hasn’t escaped the heavy rain that is pounding the country almost everyday, making the rivers to overflow. According to the Department of Disaster Prevention & Mitigation, the death toll rises to 92 with 30 provinces remain submerged.

Many schools canceled their classes especially those who are near the river. Everyone is afraid of venturing out.

The Photo is of Triamudomsuksa School of the North in Phitsanulok. As you can see, the football field doesn’t look like a field anymore. It looks more of like a pool than of a field to me. Also, the Nan River which shows no signs of stopping is scary indeed. Check out below a video about Phitsanulok’s fate which is circulating to the entire populace of the province and the most watch video on facebook (shared by many).

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