Thai Construction Worker

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Those who have been here in Thailand for quite sometime knew that most Thais have problems with their English pronunciation.The most noticeable in my opinion is the rampant use of letters R and L interchangeably, also common in most of their writing. In fact, even I, had a share of confusion moment with my students (example right and light).

“Teacher, he meant LIGHT not RIGHT!” I still remember that.

As I was searching online for something to post, I came across an article about a French guy and a Thai guy who both work in a construction company. There was a misunderstanding between the Thai guy and his boss. I found it funny as i recall my own personal experience very similar to that. Read the article HERE.

Disclaimer: I value my work, my Thai friends, and all the Thai people in general. This post is not intended to insult, attack or anything similar to that. I just want to share what i read online as i was searching for a topic to post. 

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