Teachers declare chalk holiday

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I felt saddened upon reading an article about the fate of our teachers back home. As a teacher myself, i am very much sympathetic to them. They are only getting P3.50 per day or P700 a year for their chalk allowance. They want the government to raise it to P9.85 per day or P2,000 a year.

If their wish will not be granted teachers are going to declare September 16 as National Chalk Holiday. “They are going to teach but will never use their chalks to accentuate their need,” ACT Vice Chairperson Benjie Valbuena said.

“It’s about time that a component of our campaign called ACT NOW for Greater Education Budget must be included in the national budget,” he further said.
This request would mean that the government has to allocate or add an additional P1 billion to cover a roughly estimate 500,000 public schools nationwide. It is a lot of money, i know, but i think teachers should be compensated.

Comparing the teaching loads and paper works of Pinoy teachers in the Philippines and of Pinoy teachers in Thailand – teachers there work longer hours yet receive less. But i don’t think the request will be granted the soonest. Acording to Education Secretary Armin Luistro, “We will increase the chalk allowance if we are granted an increase in the budget.

Sad, right? More of it here ABS-CBN
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