ASEAN Community – Thailand not yet ready

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The Association of South East Asian Nations are pushing for an ASEAN Community in 2015. Unfortunately, Thailand is not ready to join. According to Woravat Aupinyakul, Thailand’s Education Minister,Thais lack foreign languages and analytical thinking as what studies shows.

The minister said they need to do a lot of restructuring in the ministry, managing, and adjusting, so as to cope up with all the shortcomings and to be ready when they join the community. He also added that it might take Thailand 10 more years in order to join.

I don’t understand much about Thai government and how they sort things out. But 10 years is too long, at least in my opinion.

Anyways, standing together for the common good brings out the best in a community. It builds a strong foundation in achieving the goals, and topples down problems that hinders its progress.

More power ASEAN!

Read more of it here: Siam Daily News
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