2011 ‘Pride of Australia’ award

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Another Filipina who works as a nurse in Australia made the Philippine proud and be all smiles. This is a complete testament on how Pinoys value their work and on how the word “HOSPITABLE” means to us.
She is Mica Alcedo, a Pinay nurse who went to Australia from the Philippines in 2004. She was awarded a medal on August 19, 2011 under the “Fair Go” category in Darwin, Australia.
From being a school nurse, she worked herself up and now enjoys being child and maternal health nurse in Tennant Creek.
DFA was qouted saying “Ms. Alcedo commits herself to helping disadvantaged youth and has developed the Filipino community’s ‘Ladies of Alice Springs’ group.” 
That is what we call, “a paid off dedication and hard work.”
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2 Replies to “2011 ‘Pride of Australia’ award”

  1. Inspiring! It's always good to hear people being acknowledged for going extra mile from what is expected of them. I'm sure we have many Filipinos like her in Thailand, too.

  2. Exactly! I can't really help but be inspired every time i see or hear other Pinoys making waves in other countries.

    As for the Pinoys in Thailand, time will come and they too will be awarded. Perhaps differently, but an award is still an award.

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