The Law Applies to All

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There are two Filipinos in Phuket who are about to be charged for hitting their students. Both claimed they don’t have an idea it is illegal here in Thailand. However, ignorance of the law is not an excuse, and never will be. Honestly, that was exactly my thought as well. But not anymore of course. Why? Because there are several Thai teachers scattered across the country who hit their students harder than we thought, at least according to my students. In fact, some parents would ask teachers to hit their kids if they behave badly. 

But the truth is, even Thai teachers are not allowed to hit their students. 

It is illegal for any employee at a school, including teachers and directors, to apply any form of corporal punishment on any child. The ONLY punishments allowed by law are:

1. Verbal reprimand
2. Exclusion from Class
3. Exclusion from School.

it is NOT possible for

1. Schools to make agreements with students or parents.
2. Individual schools to opt out of the law.
3. To claim flexibility on the law – it is just as illegal to hit soft as it is to hit hard.

In other words the law if there to protect ALL children in ALL schools equally, and this applies to both government and private schools.
quoted from Thai Law

Most of us thought it’s fine. Most of us thought it’s normal. But you have been warned!

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5 Replies to “The Law Applies to All”

  1. This is one helpful information. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure many foreign teachers (especially the new ones) in Thailand don't know this law yet.
    On the side, verbal punishment is, sometimes, more damaging than corporal punishment 🙁

    Happy teaching, everyone!

  2. Thanks Teacher Ruth! I couldn't agree more on your statement about verbal as more damaging than corporal. The slip of the tongue can make or break a student's dream!

    Happy teaching!

  3. Any foreigner who copmes to work here has a duty to ensure they know the law of their jobs. I have no sympathy for these two teachers IF they are quilty. If they are proved guilty they should be jailed and deported and they cannot complain at all.

  4. Interesting point about the parents asking teachers to hit kids. They are asking you to break the law and you should say you cannot do that. If aparent asked you to help them rob a bank would you do so?

  5. @ Jeab,

    Exactly! Ignorance is not an excuse to be able to come clean or be liberated from law. I am a Filipino, thus, I feel sorry for what will transpired in the coming days about their case. But the damage is done. Nothing we can do about that. Mistakes should be paid.

    @ anonymous,

    I don't exactly understand as to why parents would ask teachers to hit their kids. Personally, even if i don't have kids of my own, i wouldn't let other people hit them, let alone a different nationality. As for the robbing, geez..That;s scary lol.

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